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(For ages 15+)

Saving Crescents is a heart-pounding political thriller penned by Ishaan Srivastava. The novel delves into the intertwined stories of two public servants: Secretary of Foreign Relations Neil Denmark and Senate Leader Bertha York. They find themselves thrust into the forefront of an arduous endeavor to usher democracy into their beloved country, Crescents, and halt its perilous descent into autocracy. Crescents, once a picturesque nation, now suffers from a broken political system devoid of laws, justice, and plagued by corruption that permeates every protective institution. Bertha and Neil shoulder the responsibility of effecting change, but the path ahead is anything but easy.

Forces within Crescents have preyed upon the vulnerability of individuals like Bertha and Neil, dispatching dissenters to the dreaded 'authorities,' ensuring the enforcement of Crescent's lawless ideology. The two protagonists must confront the malevolence that infests their government and combat the anarchy reigning over the streets of Crescents to ignite even a flicker of hope and rescue their people. Additionally, they must face their most formidable adversary yet in their race against time.

As they navigate the internal challenges their nation confronts, Bertha and Neil also find themselves contending with external dangers. Crescents prepares to engage in a war against its arch-rival and neighboring country to the north, Ravalia. The internal political crisis within Crescents exacerbates the dire consequences of the impending war, unleashing havoc upon the entire nation, while serving as an insidious opportunity for the power-hungry leaders at the helm.

With Crescents's future teetering on the edge and crisis after crisis looming, the burden falls squarely upon Neil and Bertha to ignite a glimmer of hope and salvage their nation from its precipitous downfall

Publication Date:

Jun 2, 2023






All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License


Ishaan Srivastava

Book Size:

A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

Page Count:

430 Pages

Interior Color:

Black & White Standard

Book Binding:


ISBN 978-1-312-63383-4

Saving Crescents

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